Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Then You Pose

Today we had some picture books and some workbooks for school, working on reading mostly. Then we went outside to do "an olympic." It was an ironman kid competition - throw the ball and catch it, run the length of the patio, throw the ball into a box. No timing or competing, everyone just do it. My kind of olympic. :)

Somehow chalk and hopscotch made their appearance. After I taught the kids how to play hopscotch, Noel drew her own and taught me how to play her way. It included some throwing and some hopping like the game I taught her and somehow had a "land in the grass and do a pose" part. Hopscotch just got a little more cutesie. :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

What does a ... eat?

We've been doing school less formally for the last few months, and I paused blogging. In December we mostly did reading lessons and Sorry! games. Amy finished the reading lesson book in January, and Noel slowed way down on it. Since Benjamin was born at the beginning of January we have been doing "lesson time" in the mornings, each choosing something to learn. I think I may finally be ready to start blogging about it again.

Today was fun. Amy chose a book for me to read. I chose to read a little science lesson out of the book What Your First Grader Needs to Know. I found an explanation about habitats that told about polar bears at the North Pole. Then we read a little part about herbivore, omnivores, and carnivores. With that we we off. We played a game on the computer that sorted animals into their type. Then we got out boxes and labeled them and gathered a bunch of our toy animals to sort them. The girls learned the words and understood the concepts, but they mixed them up a lot. Then Noel requested we read Snow White, which I had also brought upstairs as it has many animals (mostly herbivores) in it.

We also have been playing a game called Carcassonne most days at the end of our lesson time. The girls have been learning more strategy and probably some other important things doing it. We're working with Noel on accepting no answers (not crying when she doesn't get her way.) That comes up in lots of things in her life, and it comes up in Carcassonne. More important, we have a lot of fun playing it together.