Thursday, September 10, 2015

School's Back! September 8-10, 2015

We are back in school, and I'm excited about it!

We started Building Heroes Academy curriculum this year. It is a coordinated English, History, Math, Science curriculum with a focus on developing character and heroic traits. This year we focus on vision, this month on responsibility. This week's focus was - nouns, The Three Little Kittens, starting A Wrinkle in Time, Ancient Egypt, ancient and international mathematical styles, and grasshoppers & crickets. There are fun facts, activities, pictures, movies, and lots of ideas to use in teaching. So far, I love it. It's doable and interesting, and we're learning cool stuff. I am most excited about the idea of teaching character development throughout what we learn and through our normal life stuff.

We had school Tuesday, Wednesday, and today for this week and got all the week's stuff done! Monday was a holiday, and I have an event tomorrow.

I am also looking forward to a library day today and a school supplies run to get more organized for the year. We are also going to be setting goals and creating ideal life visions (hopefully next week. Noel's the only one who has started.)

We have some reading and writing class plans as well.

I really am glad to be back in school.