Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday October 22, 2014

Choosing Day: Mom

Opening Prayer: Amy

Move Your Body: Cobra, Up Dog, Down Dog, Child's Pose

Water Class.

Stand and Share: I got monopoly money and taught the girls about making emotional withdrawals and deposits in emotional bank accounts.

Memorize Class: Give Said the Little Stream. The girls sang through it for me and did well.

The pledge of allegiance. I pointed to the girls one at a time to say a part. They really are getting to know it without trying too hard. :)

Science Class: From a book of weather experiments. Today we felt the difference between sun and shade on our skin.

Activity: Math game. Everyone counts either one or two digits going around in a circle. The person who says 20 wins.

Family Reading: Picture Book called grump. I am trying today to not be a grump after many withdrawals were taken from my emotional bank account yesterday. That book shows a mom struggling with her emotions while her baby does normal baby things. Then a I read a chapter out of the first Fairy Realm. I think it may have gotten a little interesting to Noel though she's determined to not like it. I think she will like it when it gets Fairy-ish, but I may be wrong.

Family Work: Clean out my closet. My shoe rack broke, and my shoes were crazy. Plus I had some maternity clothes still on the shelf to put away. Plus there were pants on the shelf that were non maternity that are my small size. I'm ready for those so I put them on hangers. It's time to put the bigger ones away. With my weight and frequent pregnancies, up and down we go.


Reading and Writing Class: Amy worked on a chapter book she's writing. Noel had a reading lesson. The energy in the room got CRAZY. We were all going to be getting worked up before long. The kids NEEDED a recess. (They had skipped their recess they usually take while I make lunch in favor of inside play.) So we just ended school early. I still intend to do my reading and writing (after I go put dinner in the crock pot.)

Closing Prayer: Noel

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday October 21, 2014

Choosing Day: Amy

Opening Prayer: Noel

Move Your Body: Catch

Water Class.

Stand and Share: The girls shared that it's almost Halloween. I shared with Amy and Noel - Eliza was at Joy School - the "tucking" story I told Eliza last night. (A tucking story is a story you tell to a kid in bed about your past.) How my mom used to tell toddler Amy "Go ni-nite. Wake up!" And Amy would play along. They all loved it and wanted to play.

Memorize Class: Sing all verses of Give Said the Little Stream.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Class: Talk about feelings and choosing what we believe and how we feel.

Activity: Watch Animaniacs episode.

Pick up Eliza and get so distracted with her friend's super fun back yard.

Family Reading: Home Price. We're nearly done. The kids want to read the sequel.

Family Work: Eliza's room and hallway.


Reading and Writing Class: Amy worked on a book she's making about a purple bear based on a dream she had. Noel wanted a Fancy Nancy reading marathon. We read 1 1/2 before she got distracted. I wrote out a bunch of projects I want to work on and looked up the Alpine School Board Debate info for tonight. I'm still wanting to get ready for tonight - debate plus library run plus handing off the kids - and read a little from one of my study books. The kids were starting to run around so I said we could have prayer and end.

Closing Prayer: Eliza

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday October 20, 2014

Choosing Day: Eliza

Opening Prayer: Amy

Move Your Body: However you want.

Water class.

Stand and Share.

Memorize Class - Give Said the Little Stream

Pledge of Allegiance

Class - Sample of This Week in History. Kids decided on learning about Rubik's Cubes. We watched a couple youtubes and did a computer game and learned a little history.

Activity - Walk around the block.

Reading - Sir Cumference book and Little Britches

Family Work - clean Eliza's room

Reading and Writing Class - interviews with kids. Kids drew Halloween decorations. I read All These Things Shall Give Thee Experience. Worked on Jesus the Christ vocabulary list.

Closing Prayer: Mom

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Break Week

Since this week is fall break, we changed things up a bit. Monday I planned a game marathon, but the kids (mostly Amy leading) were obsessed with Art. Including sidewalk chalk. So we did that. We eventually played one matching game with the US Presidents. When we started I was amused with Eliza and her antics and not knowing how to play (since she's 3). By the end I was annoyed and impatient and concerned she'd lose the cards all over. Doh.

Tuesday was a library day. Story time. Checking out TONS of books. That was it for school. We came home and read some and just had a fun great day.

Wednesday I went to Strongbrook Women's Empowerment Group meeting. The kids played with other toddlers and home schooled kids. Then we bought a couple presents for birthday parties upcoming. (I would call that not having school.)

Today was a reading marathon. I invited the girls to come in their pajamas and read on my bed. I read to them picture books and our chapter books. I studied things I wanted to. I started a book that I am previewing for Amy to check for appropriateness. Amy and I agreed that we want to do those more often. Not sure what the other girls thought. Noel seemed to have a good time much of the time. But I think she would have liked it more if I read her whatever she wanted the whole time. I think in the future it would be good for me to not have my own agenda of books I want to read and study and be ready to just read with the kids a ton. I think that will help them enjoy it more.

It's been a fun week.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday, October 8 and 9, 2014


Choosing Day: Mom

Opening Prayer: Eliza

Move Your Body Class: Cosmic Kids Yoga

Water Class.

Stand and Share.

Memorize Class: Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers

Pledge of Allegiance.

Science Class: Observation using binoculars and magnifying glasses. We went on a walk and looked a bunch of stuff. I think the coolest was a heart shape in a spider's web. Then we walked to our friends, the Millers' to examine their sand. We ended up inside "helping" Anne do a project for our family work, but we weren't much help.

By the time we got home, Amy had a stomach ache. We put the rest of school on hold seeing if she'd feel better. She didn't the rest of the night. So that ended school. I did some study - reading and writing my own self.


Choosing Day: Noel

Opening Prayer: Eliza

Move Your Body Class: Cosmic Kids Yoga

Water Class.

Stand and Share.

Memorize Class: Toy Boat

Pledge of Allegiance

Presidents Class: We made word strips of all the US presidents' names on them. I made another copy during reading/ writing/ drawing class. They can be a matching game. Or we can draw one out of a jar one day and learn something about that president. The girls were pretty into it. We got talking about how all of the presidents made some good and some bad choices. I told them that when I didn't like a president's choice it was because they didn't follow the constitution or they did things to hurt liberty. Those are the things important to me in leaders. I told them some people wouldn't want me teaching them that and wouldn't want me to home school but many people do. They were all for the fight for liberty. I love that. :) I mentioned to Amy that using these word strips would be like America Moment which we did last year. She said she forgot about America Moment and wanted to do it again. I'm all for it.

Rest: Noel said she had a stomach ache and wanted a rest so we got pillows and blankets and listened to Dr. Seuss's Sleepybook on the computer while resting. She wants to include rest time regularly at school. I'm sure not opposed.

Activity: Some random game outside that involved blindfolds, hiding pillows and a little hide and seek. Noel just loves to be in charge and to make up the rules and sometimes does it a little as she goes. You never quite know what we are doing.

Reading: Homer Price.

Family Work: Gather all the trashes from the house.


Reading/ Writing/ Drawing Class: Interview day. Eliza wanted me to guess a secret with NO CLUES. She's hilarious. Amy and I wrote in her notebook as usual. Her goal is to read the whole Book of Mormon. I finished some previous time study. I still want to do a little Constitution study but haven't gotten there yet. Noel didn't get an interview. She fell asleep.

Closing Prayer: Eliza

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday October 7, 2014

Yesterday was a game marathon. The kids played Carcasonne, Mental Blox, Candy Land, puzzles. At Family Home Evening we played Bang.


Choosing Day: Amy

Opening Prayer: Amy

Move Your Body Class: One At Bat Each

Water Class.

Stand and Share: I shared my testimony of Joseph Smith.

Memorize Class: John 6:69. We also watched a Bible Video of it.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Then we did our morning routines which we hadn't done yet. I decided today to get an earlier start on school since Matt wasn't home (at the temple) to have breakfast with and knowing we'd have interruptions taking Eliza and Noel to Joy School. It turned out great. When I got back from dropping them off, Amy and I were ready for class.

Class: State Page. Amy didn't want to do it, even to choose. I had guessed she'd choose Idaho because she said the other day she wanted to choose states in the order they come in in the song she knows. She thought that was fine. She watched the state song video and put together a puzzle of the US right beside me while I made the page. I thought that was a great way to participate without doing what she didn't feel like doing.

Activity: Bang. We started right before I left to pick up the girls. Our little game of it took nearly an hour and a half! That's long. I almost won, and then Amy came back. If she hadn't blown herself up with dynamite, who knows how long we would have gone on.

Reading Time: Horton Hears a Who and Homer Price.

Family Work: Clean up dandelions in yard, and throw away some of the boxes in the garage. Get can to street in anticipation of trash day tomorrow.


Reading/ Writing/ Drawing Class: The girls painted each other's faces. Amy played with Mental Blox. Noel is reading Eliza The Monster at the End of this Book. Now they are each reading a Fancy Nancy book - Noel out loud. It's awesome. Amy is writing in her notebook with me. I read half a chapter (long chapter) in Teach the Children. I added more to my Jesus the Christ vocabulary list. I have recently been reading Wuthering Heights and have found plenty of vocabulary words in there too.

Closing Prayer: Mom

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday October 1 and 2, 2014

Yesterday we waited for Amy to clean the bathrooms, then went to Lowes for a mailbox then went to Babies R Us for a Baby Gate then went to Sprouts Market for some on-sale produce. We finally got home, all cleaned the downstairs bathroom, and ate some lunch. After lunch we painted the mailbox. Reading and writing class failed to catch kids' attention. However, because the purpose of the mailbox was to send notes and pictures and such fun things to each other, the girls kept coming back and having reading and writing class all day. It was a hit.

This morning we went to a neighbor's house to clean with others in the Relief Society. The woman had hurt her back and couldn't clean her house. I'll tell you what, a whole crew of women cleaning a whole house in a flash is amazing and like a dream for me. Months worth of work (at my pace) in a few hours. Incredible.

Anyway. On our way home, Amy suggested we go play for her activity. So we grabbed bikes and books and left for the park. We stopped on corners to read a book about sense of touch for our class. The point was that we could then touch things and experience what we learned. The best example was that we kept talking about receptors in our skin that detected hot, cold, and pain. We talked about that a few times.

When the girls didn't want to stop riding bikes to read, I took a nap on the tennis court. That felt awesome.

Then home. We read a chapter of Homer Price (the doughnuts chapter - classic) while I nursed. We never did get to the lunch portion of the day. Reading and writing class was only marginally interesting again. When I asked if the girls were just ready for school to be over they agreed. When I said that that meant it was time for them to clean up their fort, they suddenly wanted to go read and write. Noel read Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy by herself. (Awesome!) And she dictated to me a story about magically jumping from one big rock to another to get places faster (like across whole blocks.) She had made up the idea this morning, and we had discussed it a few times. Cool!