Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I've Got Sunshine

Today we did our normal opening routine. Daddy wanted us to make an Alaska page so we did. We talked a little about how cold it is and the interesting daylight patterns. I realized I have a good portion of the state capitals song we listen to memorized.

We read more of the blog about what we did this year for mom class. I think the kids would like that more if I had more pictures and videos. I hope someday to do that more.

Noel picked watch and act out some Mary Poppins for her activity. Then Eliza wanted to too.

Reading class was The Dance today.

Closing class was a family meeting to remind ourselves of the rules of outside play/ friend time. Then we headed outside for Amy's activity and friend time.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

School Year Review

After dropping Noel off at Joy School, we stopped by Hilary's to check on her. She had a baby 8 days ago. I am wanting to help her if I can.

We didn't have much time after that so we decided to just have a little more interview for school. Pretty soon we'll go pick Noel back up. So we've been looking over this blog, reviewing things we have done this year and discussing them.

Then we played outside for just a few minutes before picking Noel up from Joy School. That's it for today. We have needed quite a bit of work on self-discipline and behavior and consequences lately, and I think that will be continuing today.

Monday, May 12, 2014

I Think We are Back on our A-Game

Today was a lovely school day with good attitudes.

We finished our Pennsylvania pages. The state flower is called Mountain Laurel. Because we call my sister, Laurel, Burns, Amy suggested we call the state flower Mountain Burns.

Mom Class was interviews with Amy and Noel. Amy and I read through an interview we had done at the beginning of the school year about what she wanted to do this year. We discussed what we really had done. It was fun. I was pleased to see there really was quite a bit that we did this year though it often didn't feel like it. I hope to do a few more interviews during these last few weeks we are officially doing school for this year.

Noel's activity was called Crazy Crowd. No idea why. She just made up lots of pretending involving chairs, a bathtub stage, a boat made of the couch, a deer (Amy) who kept pouncing everywhere, a store made of the girls' bedroom, lots of sleeping. Noel just liked telling everyone who they were and what they were to do. I thought that without encouragement to wrap up, Noel very likely would have gone on forever.

Amy and Eliza chose outside play for their activities. That's still to come. Although they said it's raining, so we'll see what really happens.

Closing class was painting nails. Amy earned it for a motivator. Eliza and Noel happily joined in. Noel and Amy read their Book of Mormon reading lesson to me for reading class.

Friday, May 9, 2014

A Flop

Wednesday's school took most of the day. Eliza chose Michigan for her state. We kept trying to come back to activities. Amy gave up talking for a while. I got frustrated and had to take a break. I would say it was a bit of a flop but an attempt nonetheless.

That day I was reminded that I prefer being done with school before lunch. Otherwise I don't feel we're ever done, and it messes with me.

We Love Rain

Today we started off rough. Amy was ready quite a bit sooner than others for school. Then she was coloring a picture that took long enough to not have her ready when we did start. She decided to skip doing a Pennsylvania page like we were working on. I still struggle with being ok with kids choosing out of school activities. That's how I want to be. Plus computers were having trouble. We use them a lot for reference when making our state pages.

For a lesson today, I asked the girls to read to me the rest of the reading lesson for our scripture study reading lesson book. Lots of resistance. Finally they both did.

Amy and Eliza wanted to go outside for their activities so we saved that for the end.

Noel had a difficult time choosing so we came back to her.

We read a couple library books for reading class.

Then Noel chose to play Memory for her activity. HER WAY. Which she made up as she went along. It wasn't really a game, but I think the main purpose was served. We all did something HER WAY and mostly stuck it out even though it didn't make much sense. I think Noel likes that.

Amy said closing prayer, and we went outside for more activities. We rode bikes and raced. My chain eventually fell off. Doh. Then we played some T-ball. It rained about half the time we were out there, and that made it more fun.

We were going to plant lettuce for closing class but decided against it in the rain. So we're done.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Yesterday's School. Turned Out a Success After All

Amy picked Colorado for her state today. The girls each made a page and then fizzled out a little sooner than normal (at least for Amy). They started playing (mixed with a little fighting) while I finished my page.

I decided to introduce bones next and spent a few minutes looking for a fun way to do it. We ended up with a coloring page that helps you identify major bones and a toddler sized puzzle of a skeleton. The girls all lay on it to compare size. We sang "Skull, shoulder bones, patella, metatarsels" (head, shoulders, knees, and toes.) We watched a few awesome youtubes of "Dem Bones." (Check them out. I loved them.) Amy told me my activity was fun. :)

Noel chose trace hands and feet for her activity.

Uncle Remus came (me with Uncle Remus voice) to say clean up so we can read about Brer Rabbit. So we did.

At that point, we were done for a while. It was late lunch time.

Later Eliza and I sang happy birthday to Benjamin.

Amy had chosen T-ball for her activity, and when we were ready to play, it just so happened that about 10 neighborhood kids were here. So we played a full on t-ball game. Most kids were little so we were helping with rules. It turned out pretty fun. Amy got to be the team captain since it was her activity.

School was a Little Quick Today

We did Arizona for our state page today. When I talked about the population, one of the kids said that two of those people in Arizona were Grammy and Papa.

We looked back over this blog, reading what we did the first few months of school and looking at pictures and movies for Mom Class today.

Eliza chose dancing and specifically requested I dance with her.

Noel wanted to trace and laminate again.

We'll have bikes and t-ball in a little bit for Amy's activity. She used to choose baseball nearly every day when we first started at-home kindergarten too.

Reading Class was another Uncle Remus story.

The reason we went quick today was to get done before Sam comes to play. He'll be here any minute.