Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday November 24, 2014

Last week we had what I will just call a "health unit" with doctors appointments, tests, and lots of phone calls to receptionists and nurses. Home school wasn't too feasible though Joy School still happened.

Today we are back to it. I have been getting excited about math games because I am taking a class about teaching math in AWESOME ways. We also finally got the family room downstairs cleaned up again and organized the games which always spikes interest. Today we decided to do a marathon of this form:

Everyone choose -
something to play
something to clean
something to read

That was each person's rotation. Then another person got to choose all that. Here's the way it actually played out:

Amy - play monopoly. We played three times around each. Amy kept going to jail so it actually took a long time. They stuck with it and did awesome. Noel bought every property she landed on and ended up with 4 houses on a yellow monopoly with no trading. Amy kept counting her money. It was awesome math. And I noticed an increase in Noel's ability to stake with it. Noel ended up winning. So fun.
Amy - clear off and wipe the table from breakfast
Amy - a chapter of The Fairy's Mistake

Noel - Clue. I was amazed at their abilities at this game. Neither had played it before. No strategy techniques like I use, but they got the point and showed cards and wrote on their little papers just the right way. I didn't even really think Noel would be able to do it. I was so impressed with her sticking to it. Both impressed me really.
Noel - Snow Clothes clean up
Noel - The House at the End of Ladybug Lane (one of many library books due tomorrow.)

Mom - Let's Play Music homework (over lunch)

Eliza - Hi-Ho Cherry-o! (This was Eliza's math practice.)
Eliza - Living Room Floor
Eliza - The Monster at the End of this Book

We also got to work on sportsmanship.

So much fun squished into today.

We also got to visit Activity Days and share about my mission.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday November 12, 2014

Choosing Day: Noel

This morning Amy had an orthodontist appointment so we skipped opening routine of school. We called the appointment class.

Activity: Let's Play Music homework.

Family Reading: Fairy Realm (Noel's getting more interested. We read it last night too.)


Reading and Writing Class: The girls did art with construction paper, tape, scissors, and string. Amy read a picture book - A Letter to Amy. Eliza read it too. (Amy's next Magic Tree House is ready to pick up at the library so she wasn't sucked in. Noel never did choose to read anything. I read a little from The Promises of the Constitution and the Constitution itself. I also did a little research for some writing about the $20 bill. (I know; that sounds terribly boring. There's a purpose; I promise.:))

We're about to have closing prayer (Mom) and see if we can do a little service.

Monday November 10, 2014

We're Not Sick!!! YAY!!!

And school is back in session. :) It was nice to be back today. I can handle so much more helping the kids with stuff when that is my whole focus than when I think they (and their fighting) are getting in my way of something I wanted to be doing.

Choosing Day: Amy

Opening Prayer: Mom

Move Your Body: Move your arms by playing Bang!

Water Class.

Stand and Share: I shared that I'm thinking about taking a class (on teaching children math in a way that inspires me a ton.)

Memorize Class: Give, Said the Little Stream. We discussed the tongue twister alliteration of "grass grows greener".

Class: Family History - laminate and cut out parts of our ancestor game.

Family Work: Clean up chairs at our friends, the Downeys'. My kids (and I) LOVE it there and love Sister Downey. :)

Lunch and Family Reading time: Fairy Realm.

Reading and Writing Class: I read Teach the Children. Amy read Magic Tree House. I read The Fisherman and His Wife to Noel and Eliza. We're going to go see a play of it tonight at the library. Noel colored and cut out a bunch of secret service hearts. Benjamin avoided sleeping like crazy.

Closing Prayer: Eliza

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday November 11, 2014

Choosing Day: Mom

Took Noel and Eliza to Joy School.

Opening Prayer: Amy

Move Your Body: Move your feet. Lazy 8's with feet.

Water Class.

Stand and Share: I shared about how excited I am that I am taking a class on teaching math in awesome ways.

Memorize Class: Give Said the Little Stream v. 2

The Pledge of Allegiance.

Class and Activity intermixed: Sorry! and little videos about space.

Pick up Noel and Eliza.

Family Reading: Read some of our friends, the Durrans' library books. We were picking the girls up from Joy School and got sucked in there. :)

Fairy Realm. Amy wants to read more and more of it. I am working on drawing Noel in whenever possible.

Lunch and Microwave Repairman visit.

Family Work/ Service: Visited a neighbor who was busy. So we stopped by another neighbors house and got to do a little service. Lots of fun.

Reading and Writing Class: Amy read Magic Tree House. Noel and Eliza colored on papers. I read a couple chapters in the book about math for my new class and part of All These Things Shall Give Thee Experience. I read Noel and Eliza Goldilocks and the Three Martians. Right now Amy and Noel are following along with a read-along of Skippyjon Jones. I'll see if Amy will write with me.

Closing Prayer: Noel

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday November 5 and 6

Yesterday we had a reading marathon audiobook style. We had a few audiobooks that were due at the library that we wanted to finish listening to. So we did. There was also painting and drawing going on. We had fun. I got some work done for Matt in the process.

Today I wanted to take advantage of Benjamin's nap to re-box the food storage that has been in our family room for a couple months now. Nearly got the job done, but I saved some for Matt because of all the heavy lifting. Yay for progress! The girls worked long and well on it. We needed a break afterwards. We decided to watch James and the Giant Peach. We listened to it (audiobook) not long ago.

Noel's primary teacher brought over a pile of Level 1 reading kind of books. Now Amy is plowing through all of them.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Fall Break and Sick Days

Last week I decided to declare it fall break so I could get caught up on a few things that are less likely to get done when we are doing school. We went to the dentist. I researched and ordered a part for the fridge and 2 vacuums (a wet one and a dry one - we have lots of wet (and stinky) messes in our house.) I found a new doctor for my family. I prepared for election day. We had Halloween. It's nice to make progress. I have a few more things of that nature I want to do, but I got the ball rolling.

That new doctor I found came in handy today. Amy woke up struggling to breathe. All the kids (and I) have been sick at some point over the last week. So we went to the new doctor's office today. I like him! (That's a relief.) I'm planning to start school back up as soon as we're feeling well enough - whenever that will be.