Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday October 9. 2015

School for the last month has been wonderful. I am loving Building Heroes Academy. I am happier with school than I ever have been before, less concerned and second guessing. That makes so much difference. Kids are behaving better than ever too with school. They don't like everything about it, but they do enjoy most of school and complain very little.

This week we started month 2.
We finished studying Joseph and started on Moses in History class. Lots of stories, activities, movies. Discussion about these prophets as heroes.

Still watching parts of speech videos each day which we started last month. The kids are catching on in ways I'm pleased with.

I was a bit behind reading our novel, A Wrinkle in Time. So we have been reading that this week and are going to start our next book next week. We're almost done! The kids were slow to love it, but they have come around and want to read all the books in the series.

Math class is focusing on creation stories and finding numbers in nature.

Science class for the month is starting out with worms.

Today we did a nature day and went up into the mountain. We had a marvelous time, playing in the water, looking for worms, eating a snack, watching the train, getting dirty. It was very pleasant for all of us.

I am so grateful I can teach my kids at home and learn these amazing wonderful things together!

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