Monday, September 23, 2013

Games and Puzzles

Today I introduced the girls to the Pledge of Allegiance for America Moment.

We did a reading lesson; I had the girls read a little to me. I think Noel needs more practice on her numbers before she's really ready to read and sound things out well. So we practiced that. I'd like Amy to have a better idea of the sounds that individual letters and combinations of letters make as well. I'm hoping to work more on that. Mom and Amy don't like waiting around for that; they are learning books so fast.

Amy chose Battledome for her activity.

Noel chose the Green Eggs and Ham game.

For closing activity, the girls did kid level sudokus while we listened to an audiobook for reading class. Amy did the sudokus (4x4s with only one number missing) perfectly. Then she wanted to make her own. She didn't quite get how to make each number only show up once per row, column, and box. But it was a great first time I'd say.

All things considered (we've had a few struggles today) I would say it was a pretty good school day.

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