Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another Week Sum-Up

I have been writing down what we have done this week but not getting it on the blog.

We practiced the pledge of allegiance.
Amy had a reading lesson.
Amy wanted to ride bikes for her activity. (She and Noel did this while Mom and I were cleaning out the garage. I joined Amy for a little bike riding too.)
Noel was playing in the van and pretended like she was getting ready for a birthday party so that became her activity. It was my birthday. Amy did a karate demonstration and let us listen to a piano recording while we danced and then played with blocks.
We read some picture books and called it good.

We read a book that taught us about US presidents. It has little comics that help you learn the names in order.
Introduce class was about homonyms. Specifically I wanted to teach the girls about a new meaning of the word scale - the kind you play on the piano. Amy especially liked the chromatic scale.
Amy: Green Eggs and Ham game
Noel: Birthday party again. It was Noel's birthday this time.
Reading Time: The Story of Jumping Mouse

I had a couch day so I only did little school activities with each girl. Amy was needing time away from Noel. (What she really needed was a break from friends as she was having overload.)
Amy's School: We continued working on learning US presidents. Amy LOVES that book. Then we played Sorry! twice.
Noel's School: We played Sorry! too. I'm trying to remember if we did anything else. It seems like we did, but I don't remember what.

Today is Thursday. We haven't had school yet today. We're going to start when I'm done with this and when the family room is clean.

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