Monday, April 14, 2014

Starting a Sibling Unit

Last week we had Spring Break like our neighbors and friends. It included Free Cone Day which was super fun.

Today we're back at it.

We did Washington for our state page for our America book.

Mom Class was listening to the Scripture Scouts tape about Joseph and his brothers. I am wanting to highlight to the girls the relationships of siblings in scriptures and church history and help them learn about developing good relationships with each other. It was an idea from Relief Society. As we listened, we'd stop and talk about how the brothers were treating each other and feeling about each other.

Eliza wanted to sing Happy Birthday for her activity. During one phase when Amy was a toddler we sang Happy Birthday to her Aunt Melissa's twin sisters every night. Funny.

Amy chose listening to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for her activity.

Noel wanted to play princess. It was a bit rough starting with everyone arguing about who was who and what to do. It finally settled although each kid seemed to be acting out a different scenario and trying to bring others into their plots. :)

Closing class was learning a little more about the lunar eclipse coming up. Matt told them about it during breakfast and wants to wake them up tonight to see it. Interesting. Did you know there will be four in the next 17 months with a solar eclipse mixed in there as well?

For reading class, I had the girls read to me the rest of the chapter we are on in the book we are reading for scripture study called "Teaching Your Children to Read Using the Book of Mormon." It has scripture story comprehension parts and introducing reading parts. So we do the scripture story parts in study. Other parts we do whenever we get to them.

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