Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Real Kindergarten Day Again

For Mom Class today we read from our 2007 Blog Book. So we saw lots of pictures of Amy when she was a baby. Amy asked lots of good questions. She was adorable.

Then Amy chose sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag over and over. We had so much fun. I think Eliza liked it the most.

After the oldest one felt a little too old to slide anymore (I wonder who that was), we took a break. Amy chose a New Testament story to read with pictures. The first part of the book talked about the premortal existence and showed pictures of Jesus and Satan. We've talked a lot about them before, but Amy had more questions and thoughts about Satan. We talked more about Heavenly Father's plan and Satan's plan. (As I have been thinking about liberty and self-government lately, it was interesting to consider what the essence of God's plan was (agency) and why Satan's plan of force was not a good one.) We got from there to talking about heaven and the judgment. So I just drew the Plan of Salvation diagram on the white board, and we discussed it. Amy was familiar with many aspects of it and knew some answers and also asked some great questions. She did not know what the veil was or the Celestial Kingdom. (She insisted that she can remember the pre mortal world.) Amy really wants to go to the Celestial Kingdom REALLY REALLY bad. Me too.

At this point we returned to sliding down the stairs.

Then Noel woke up as we were working on Closing Routine and wanted to choose an activity. So we went outside. She's been sick so she was a little lethargic out there but had fun. We climbed the apple tree, played on the swing set, and played with a big ball. Eliza ate snow till her hands were too red. We made pictures in our garden box in the undisturbed snow using our hands and our feet.  Very fun.

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