Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Potatoes and Princesses, New Games and Assembly Lines

Mom class today was a fashion show. I have been wanting Noel to try on some clothes to see if they still fit her. (We did try this a while back but didn't get through the whole pile.) So the girls would try something on without me looking. Then I turned on "fashion show music" which Amy said would sound like circus music. The girls marched around the room and posed (aka did a Sam bow after their awesome cousin, Sam, who does funny poses each time he is asked to take a bow.) It sounded fun. The reality is that the girls kept getting distracted, and it took forever between costume changes. They wouldn't put clothes away no matter how many times I asked, and I was getting annoyed and impatient. Ah well.

Amy chose hot potato for her activity. We tried to figure out how to play hot potato with a song or poem or something. Isn't there one? That turned into musical chairs and then me teaching the girls to play a game my dad learned on his mission that involves passing pencils around a circle and singing a Portuguese song. The girls were more interested than I would have thought they would be. It was fun.

Then we moved downstairs and finally cleaned the family room (always prerequisite to having school in there.) I taught the girls what an assembly line was to clean up a pile of books. That worked well.

Noel chose Pretty Pretty Princess for her activity. Amy won. Then Noel.

We finished up reading Danny and the Dinosaur and Library Lion which Noel checked out at her library field trip for Joy School that she had today.


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