Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The day started with coloring because we still had markers out from coloring last night. That's an irresistible invitation.

I decided while the girls colored I would read them things about St. Patrick's day. We learned the history of St. Patrick last year so we added a little review of that and about shamrocks. We looked at pictures of leprechauns. Amy wanted to know why all the green.

I wanted to teach them about limericks. So I read them a few. We decided to write our own. Amy kept coming up with ideas for lines. Noel was good at coming up with rhyming words. I worked on keeping us in the rhythm and with coherent ideas. This is what we came up with:

There one day was a leprechaun
Who was falling asleep with a yawn
He started to snore
His job was a bore
He guarded his gold in the lawn

We wrote another one with more kid input that was about Benjamin sleeping. It didn't make as much sense and never got finished. Amy told me not to post it.

Amy requested we do a treasure hunt. While we were coloring, our neighbor put chocolate "gold coins" on our porch so we had the perfect treasure. Thanks to Elias!

I made the treasure hunt clues all be limericks. The girls read the clues themselves. (Noel even sounded out the word limerick; I was proud.) Then I reread them so we could hear the limerick rhythm and they could think about the clues. They knew just where to go. Noel found the treasure. Then we did a division problem, splitting the treasure between the girls. I taught them the word Remainder as our division problem left us with a remainder of one candy. (I ate the remainder. Yummiest remainder I've ever known. :))

I asked the girls what they liked about today. Pretty much all of it.

Here are my treasure hunt clues:
This clue is written for Amy
At school she stretches her brainy
A treasure hunt
Is what she did want
The next clue is with all the gameys

This next clue is all about Noel
Its secret I never will tell
She loves to dress up
And bark like a pup
As she marches and plays with a bell

Benjamin is our little baby
Is he the cutest? Maybe
Walk with your feet
To his new car seat
A clue is where his head will someday be

I hope you like reading my limericks
And trying to discern their little tricks
I have had fun
You are almost done
Find a clue where we have some bricks

We last learn about little Eliza
She’s learning to be very wise-a
If you look in her old room
You will see very soon
That you all have found the great prize-a

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