Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yay School!

We had a day of school today with the home school chart which we haven't used in about 4 months. We had a great time.

For our America Moment I taught the girls about latitude lines and showed them on the maps. Before school we had done a few puzzles that included the equator, and I wanted to show them it on other maps. We also found what latitude a few cities were. Amy asked about the legend on the map. I taught her about different sizes of cities that are identified with different sizes of circles or squares.

For Mom Class, the girls read to me some Bob books. They both finished Set 1.

Noel chose costumes for her activity. Amy then suggested we act out the nativity. Noel was Mary. Benjamin was Jesus. I was narrator and wise men (ice trays were the gifts.) Amy was the donkey, the innkeepers, and the shepherds.

Amy chose Monopoly for her activity. We play until the last of us has gone around the board three times. Then we sell back our properties and count our money. Amy won. Then Noel.

For closing class, Noel and Eliza (who woke up) just played with toys) and Amy read me some more Bob books.

Then I read to them from a book called Sounds of Laughter. Cute poems. It was a hit. I think we'll read it at closing class again some time.

Amy said the closing prayer which is great because she hasn't been wanting to pray lately. It seems the only times she is willing is at school and church. Not family prayer or meal prayers. We don't tell her she has to, but I am glad there are times when she chooses to.

Yay school!

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