Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Morning Sickie School

Today we seized the opportunity and had school in the late morning while Eliza was asleep. (She was up too early and CRANKY. Later in the morning she was just too tired.)

As Noel was throwing up this morning and smelled gross, her activity - which we started with - was bath time and pretend play. I was a friendly giant that protected them from sharks and helped them catch fish and kept their boat from falling over and made a shark free zone for them to scuba dive in. I was proud of them for playing slowly - at one point they were the sharks - so as not to splash water out of the tub.

Mom Class was reading a poem from a book of poetry by my Grandma Armstrong. It was a really good little poem. I really want the girls to learn family history.

Amy chose pretend play that was a bit hard to follow for her activity. She mostly just talks about stuff, and I have a hard time paying attention, "Pretend we were... and then... and also we..." And I have no idea if she actually wants me to do anything.

And now the kids are telling me we are NOT done with school. Eliza's still asleep so that works for me. (I just hope sometime we'll stop for lunch. I'm hungry.)

... We finally finished a while later. It's nice to have the afternoon free with school done and dinner in the crock pot. (Of course, now we are doing the chores we didn't do this morning.

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