Thursday, April 25, 2013

School with Lincoln

Today we invited me our four-year-old neighbor and friend, Lincoln to kindergarten. He said the opening prayer and participated in our opening routine.

Noel chose Pretty Pretty Princess for her activity. I don't think Lincoln is much into jewelry wearing. He just wanted to be Maleficent. So we had to rework the rules. At one point Lincoln decided he was done and would just go home. (This is not totally uncommon with him.) The girls were devastated. They convinced him to stay, and we decided to have his activity. We went to his house for a game and brought it home. Again, there was some disagreement about rules and what we should do with the game, but we got through. Again, Lincoln wanted to go home. I don't think he's very interested in playing at our house. Outside or his house for him.

Amy was sad (and kind of lost it) because she wanted to show him what we do for our reading lessons. She ended up just needing to go to bed. I convinced Noel to have rest time too and did some chores.

Later Lincoln came over and asked if the girls could play so I let Noel go out of rest time and play. When they left, she insisted that she and I have Mom class and that it be printing and laminating. So we did.

Technically, Amy never did an activity of her choosing. I am wondering if that will still come out tonight, probably a reading lesson.

Interesting day. I was proud of Amy for the effort she made at controlling herself (though it proved difficult) and her ability to communicate calmly with me. She was disappointed that Lincoln chose to leave and that she needed to rest, but she got to a place where she could accept it. Great job, Amy!

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