Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday January 28, 2015

Monday of this week I went to the State Capitol for citizen lobbying training. The girls played a couple games and read books with the babysitter.

Yesterday we had quite a bit of fighting disturbing our school. It was so unfortunate. But, as usual, the school part is enjoyable. Amy and I had a math lesson while the other girls were at Joy School. She taught me how to add. It was great and fun and a stretch for her. (She taught me how to do it no hands and without saying numbers and things like that. :)) Then we played Clue.

We skipped some steps because of being out of control. But we did have some reading and writing class with Sam visiting and helping the mood.

Today we had a dentist appointment. So we got a late start on school.

Noel and Eliza and I played a new game from the PERC. It was like Carcassonne but for smaller kids. It was pretty fun. Amy and I had a tiny math lesson with her giving a rough draft definitions of how to do math. We can test her hypothesis in the next lesson.

Then we had tucking story in the living room. All girls lay on a big blanket with their own pillow and blanket. I started to tell them about how I would write my own order of operations problems to solve as a kid. Then Amy told me to tell it fairy tale way. Suddenly the story was all about Princess Bonnie and her castle and other fairy tale-ish ornamentation. It was a success.

We followed that with a story of a 16th Century Italian mathematician name Cardano. Apparently he was a conceited hypochondriac mathematician and physician. We had some interesting discussion from that. Apparently Amy thinks all mathematicians should be righteous so this guy came as a bit of surprise to her.

Then I read Pinkalicious.

Then I became the book waitress. I took everyone's orders and fulfilled them, hoping I could keep their interest to read for a while. It worked.

I read Teach the Children - a very interesting chapter on Biblical and Book of Mormon systems of government and education. Then I wrote a letter to my rents.

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