Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 10

Last Thursday we bagged school to go to Logan to buy a swing set. (See post on for pictures.) Or you could call that school that day, whichever way you want. Friday I was undecided about whether or not to have school. If you counted the Logan trip, I had done four days. I was very tired and had quite a bit of homework to do by the next day. I ended up not doing it. (I share these things to catch up and keep the record, hopefully not out of justifying my choices as I want to find a good balance between disciplined and flexible about doing school.)

Today was another experiment: inviting cousins to kindergarten. Didn't go so well. I think the kids had fun. We made it through our opening routine and had a good mom school bringing toys out of Melissa's closet into the storage room so they had more space for their stuff. The kids were cute and helpful.

We then let the cousins each pick an activity and did it as we usually do kindergarten. Dress ups and dancing, lots of fun.

After the dress ups, kindergarten fell apart. Kids didn't want to clean up costumes. (Costumes seem to explode around the room.) Everyone wanted to just go outside to play. Amy didn't even want to call it recess or doing our closing routine, just go play.

I want to mention that I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to just go play with cousins. I could have gone to play and called it recess and kept up school. But it just wasn't kindergarten as I think of it. It became less about Amy and about our relationship and more just play time. I realized that in the future, when cousins come to play I just want to have cousin play, not kindergarten. Either we do kindergarten after cousins leave or have that be our off day when we don't do school.

Plus I was SO TIRED. We've had a lot of late nights talking about finances. (Matt and Melissa mostly.)

Still, we had fun today.

I have some good pictures and videos to put up here. I'll do it another day during closing routine. I just wanted to get this down.

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  1. Playing is good too. I love all the one on one time that you are doing. This is why I am considering homeschooling. I think about my kid in a class with 1 teacher and 25 other kids.Who knows what they need better than mom?