Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 7

Today's Mom Class was a Family History day. We looked at more of Amy's baby book (same as last week.)

Amy chose baseball first. It's a beautiful day.

Then she asked Aunt Melissa (who is staying at our house with her family) to babysit sleeping Noel so we could go to the park. She invited her baby cousin Vidalia to come, and we brought Eliza too. That was a little crazy but still fun. Eliza tried to dive on her head out of the swing, and Vidalia had no fear climbing to the top and sliding down.

We finished up with a game of Sorry! Amy wasted me. She had one guy in home when I had all my guys in start. (She sorryed me when I was barely out with one guy two different times. It took me 36 turns after Amy was done to finish.)

Fun day of school!

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