Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 4

Today we were off to a late start. After a late night last night, I slept some this morning which delayed my studies which delayed everything else. That's allowed.

We also had to wait until Amy cleaned up the mess she and Noel had made in the family room where we have school.

We finally got going.

In all of Amy's prayers at kindergarten this week she has prayed that we will be able to find each other if we get lost. It's awesome.

Today's Mom Class was pulling weeds. There were bees around the weeds so Amy was hesitant. She thinks she's more help than she is at weeding at this point. She mostly stayed by me, though, so that was good. Noel joined us at this point.

Amy and Noel both agreed that the first activity after Mom Class should be "Ladies" although Amy added "Superheroes." She sang a song she learned this summer from her cousins:
"Hero of the day, save my life, save my life."
As the super hero she saved people in the following situations:
near a dragon
touching a volcano
stuck in a window well
went into the kitchen and got flat because the person got in the "cuvurd" (cupboard)
went in the oven
lived by bears

I was amused. :) During "Ladies" I took another little nap. It's not how I really want to do kindergarten, but I was having a rough time of being awake. (2:30am was bedtime last night. Glad I don't do that often.) The girls just kept playing and were nice about it.

Noel chose stamps next. Before we were too far into that activity, I left to take Eliza to bed. This home school day was rather interrupted.

Getting the girls to clean up after stamps was a little crazy so we had another little break.

Finally - baseball.

I'm grateful for the things kindergarten is already helping us to do - clean up after ourselves, play together, teach skills, keep good records of what we are doing, get around to projects (a little anyway. Those weeds have been calling my name forever.)

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