Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Grand Opening

Yesterday was the Grand Opening of the Parks Family Homeschool. [lots of cheering]
We had a great time. Amy said some funny things, and loved doing the activities.

This is a video of Eliza dancing.

I wrote this yesterday, and then the computer freaked out so I couldn't post:

Today is the Grand Opening of the Parks Family Homeschool. It was the first day of Amy's at-home-kindergarten.

Quotes from Amy:
A: Let's do swords.
M: Ok
A: Do we have swords?
M: I don't think so.
A: Let's build some right now.

A: Sorry, Mom, that you are kind of bad at making the swords that I want.

Today we started with our opening routine:

Then comes Mom class. Today we looked at Mom's baby book.

Then Amy gets to choose.

  • Baseball
  • Make swords.
  • Sword fight. (Lots of giggling.)
  • Rest Time
  • Snack
  • Dancing
  • Act out Mickey Mouse story
  • Act out pirates
Finally we do our closing routine. Record what we did. Hang up art on art wall or put in binder.

Amy asked that today we finish with a Bible Story.

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  1. I love this, I was just thinking I want to know how home school is going! Christian is going to preschool 2 times a week, Tuesday, Thursday. In his preschool he has to plan what he's going to do/play, then do it with a teacher's help (there are 4 teachers and 12 kids) then at the end he is supposed to report back to the class what he did that day. I have been very impressed with his school.
    He is also supposed to go to our neighborhood preschool (i refuse to call it joy school)on mon/wed. It has a very academically focused curriculum. I am torn because I really like the other moms, but they have a different idea of education than I do. I really don't want to offend anyone either. I wanted to do the real joy school program. Christian loves school and he loves his neighborhood friends, so I think that he will be sad not to participate with them. Grrr..I hate not having a say in it either (but that's just my pride).