Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 9

Today we did:
For our exercise today we did a lot of dancing to music. We got carried away and had a great time.

Mom Class - Spanish lesson. We finished the comic book we started a couple weeks ago. It had a little fairy tale story. This is what I wrote to Matt on chat about Amy doing her lesson:

Two times I asked Amy if we should be done, and she declined.
We even read an extra short story and 3 poems at the end.
Also, she was trying to guess the meaning of words.
One Spanish word sounded sort of like patio so she guessed that's what it meant.
There was a word in the poem called la luna that we didn't know,
so Amy guessed that it was shined.
It was a great guess in context.
I think she even picked the right part of speech.
She also looked ahead at the pictures to guess what would happen.
We did a lot of guessing.
Her attention span was great and I was impressed with our comprehension.
I'm so proud of both of us but especially Amy.
We finally finished Mom Class at 4:00.
(Noel and Eliza had required a lot of attention, and the first two activities went way long.)
Next baseball, so we all went to the soccer field to play. (Noel's choice.)
It was sunny and warm.
We played a little baseball and a little frisbee, and Melissa and I talked about marching band.
Then I took the kids to Walgreens
(Amy's choice after I said Trafalga was a no.)
We picked up the picture I ordered yesterday. It's on the wall now. :)

Now that it's 6:30, we're doing our closing routine with Amy whining about wanting snack time. I told her that the next thing we eat will be dinner. She's mad. It was a long and fun day of school. I LOVED exercise, Mom Class and the soccer field.

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