Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 3

Today during mom class, we read part of a Spanish comic book, texting Daddy the words we didn't know. Amy's attention span was impressive, and the story was fun to read.

Baseball I think is a daily feature. Today it was Amy who threw the ball over the fence. Whoops.

We played Ladies again today. The main feature of the game was my birthday party. We also read some books as the ladies.

Noel joined us part way through "Ladies."

Noel chose Show and Tell for the next activity.

Finished with double activity - snack and "Do Bunnies Lay Eggs?" During the Summer, Amy asked my mom if bunnies lay eggs. That was on the day she was brainstorming kindergarten activities, so Grammy wrote it down. So today she made up what that means. We all sat on M&Ms with a bunny on our laps. We chanted "Bunnies, bunnies, hatch." Then we at the M&M. Awesome.

Quotes of the day:
A: I have to walk on tippy-toes so I look 6.
M: I don't have to do anything to look 16. [Amy had told me I was 16 in "Ladies" today.] I already look 16.
A: Yeah, cause grown-ups don't grow.

I think she meant I could be 16 because I would already be grown up. I was glad and amused. I had really meant that I look 16 because I get that a lot.

In the following discussion, all quotes of Noel's are said with a whiney voice.
N: Mom?
M: What?
N: I burped.
M: You burped? And then what happened.
N: I whined.


Another fun day of at-home kindergarten.

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