Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A is for Amy

Today's Mom Class was organizing the office closet. That involved pulling things out, boxing some things up, labeling boxes, and taking them to the garage. Amy wrote "Matt" a bunch of times on boxes after I wrote it once on the whiteboard for her to copy. She also helped me carry the lighter things up the stairs. I am always amazed at how helpful Amy is during Mom Class projects. Sometimes I think that if we were doing the same activity or job not during Mom Class she would not be interested in helping.

For our first activity - and the one main, really long one - Amy colored in a book she got from Grandma and Grandpa. It's an activity book with activities to help letter recognition. It's very doable and very interesting for Amy right now. She did great and seemed to love it. She didn't want me to watch her although she would show me her pictures and ask questions occasionally. She told me I could do my own book, so I worked on a number puzzle. (Awesome - that's one of my favorite things to do anyway.)

Then we had a clarinet lesson. She likes to play my clarinet from time to time. We talked about breaking and discarding old, chipped reads, and I let her do it. She played for a while, mostly squeaking. She thought that was hilarious. Then we realized that Eliza was terrified of the squeaking. I told her the rest of the lesson was without a reed. She kept arguing and begging to try again, insisting that now she wouldn't squeak. I finally had to just put it away. So that ended sad.

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