Friday, October 26, 2012

Due to Some Medical Concerns...

It has been an interesting week for school. Monday we left Noel and Eliza with Aunt Melissa and had a service day at kindergarten. We went to a friend's house to help her. She has 5 small children and recently had surgery that makes it impossible for her to lift her twin babies. So she has had help from the Relief Society for every minute her husband has to be at work. We enjoyed our turn, cleaning, talking to Jehovah's Witnesses and playing with the kids - one is in Amy's class.

Amy also saw a doctor yesterday who put us on a pretty time-consuming regimen to help her overcome some long-standing, non serious or threatening personal difficulties she has had. Because of that, we had no school Wednesday.

Yesterday I wasn't sure if we could pull it off; when we finally started it was pretty late, and Amy was only halfway into it. So we did a couple games on the lds friend website and worked on her Halloween costume. She wasn't too interested in Mom Class or exercise though she had already done one hour of exercise, double the requirement in her regimen.

I just asked her if she wanted to do school today, and she was only half hearted. She just wants to work on her costume more and maybe color.

Depending on how next week goes - we got some tests done today that we'll find out results for Monday - we may or may not be ready to start back up.

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