Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day

The girls and I had a hard time resisting the beautiful air outside. So much of kindergarten was recess. We couldn't even wait until after lunch. We played in the leaves, on the baby swing, climbed the tree, jumped on the trampoline. So fun. Eliza found a few apples that somehow got on our side of the fence. (They aren't from our tree or even a tree that hangs over our fence.) We were also letting our paper mache balloon dry. (It's for Amy's helmet for her costume.)

We finally came in and did lunch and then opening routine. Today was a Spanish lesson day. Amy loves those way more than I thought she would. She's even patient as I look up unfamiliar words in the Spanish/ English dictionary. We got out puzzle books and colored and worked on puzzles next. Amy likes word searches and kid puzzles and coloring and writing quite a bit these days so little puzzle books are a good match for her. I love today!

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