Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lots of Pretend

During our brain exercise today, Amy got to color on whiteboards. She made a person and made up a new word with a unique spelling. Then she told me all about it. I took a picture of it (and of many other things today), but the computer is having issues uploading. Hopefully I can do it later.

lelal (pronounced like scowl or scowel) - people who only wear dresses. They are main characters. Pretty nice with funny arms. Pretty nice with funny arms. They aren't real, just people dressed up like them. They are like clowns, but they are funnier. They do funny things every day and night.

Today's mom class was organizing a cupboard that I've wanted to get to for a long time. It holds music, scriptures, and primary supplies in our living room. It's been out of control for so long. I have before and after pics too that I want to post but can't now. (See reason above.) Happy to have that done.

Noel was with us after that point. (We started school while she was at Joy School today and finished after she got home. We did it in the morning because Amy has a doctor's appointment this afternoon.) She chose an activity playing with chimes.

Next Amy chose snack time featuring trick-or-treats.

Noel chose recess which went on and on. We had so much fun outside. We played on the swing set, ran around playing tag, and then went crazy with pretend play.

First Noel was the mom, Amy the brother, and me the sister. Mom drove kids to preschool with their lunch boxes. We almost forgot the toys to share that we were supposed to bring, but Amy had tons in her pocket and shared, and Mom went inside to get some more. We got to preschool and had rest time and then shows. The shows kept changing. Each of us had different parts. Amy and Noel both kept trying to tell me who I was and what I was supposed to be doing. It was pretty funny. It all worked though (meaning no one got mad.) Sometimes someone was an audient. (That's singular for audience in our house.) At one point I was a singer than a talker than a princess. Sometimes Amy was the witch and later the dragon. Noel was the prince who saved me.

Some funny highlights from our pretend playing were when Noel was in a show and waved to the audience and said "Buenas Noches" and when we had a discussion about the princess being at a ball. I started dancing saying that I was at the ball. Noel said it's not a dancing ball it's a basketball.

After all the shows, we rode home on the bus (including the mom) and then realized we forgot to eat our lunches at school. So we got them out and ate. Our lunches were filled with Halloween candy. (I wonder what was on the brain today. :) Suddenly Amy was a dog who had 3 puppies.

I told the kids we only had time for one more activity (in order to do closing routine, lunch, put Noel to bed, and get ready for the doctor.) Amy chose doggies. The dogs went to church (but had to stay in the car because dogs don't go to church), played in strollers, ate oatmeal, and went trick-or-treating.

What a fun day we've had at kindergarten!

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