Monday, November 12, 2012

Good Energy

We have been struggling now and then with some intensity in our home lately. This morning was some good and some bad. I prayed at the beginning of school that we could enjoy our time together and be nice to each other and love each other. I feel like we were very blessed. There was even one point where Amy was telling me how I was her second favorite person (second to Jesus sounds good to me.) She kept saying "I like you sooooo much!" I loved it.

Our brain exercise today involved writing lower case letters on top of each other. Amy decided instead that she wanted to write all the capital letters. She can do most of them without looking at anything but needs some reminders. They're pretty legible, too. When she wrote the Z it wasn't quite how she wanted it. She seemed surprised. She looked at what she had just written and said, "Uh, 3?" Like she was asking the 3 what it was doing there. Pretty funny.

Mom class was preparing a Joy School binder, printing, laminating and cutting. Amy likes this mom class a lot. She helped quite a bit and played quite a bit. At one point she sang a song to the picture of Jesus on the wall. "Oh yeah, I like you. I like you. I like you." She was shaking her hips. And I was laughing.

Amy's choice of activity was typing lesson. She likes to type her name. Today I showed her how to hold shift to capitalize. She then wanted to play a computer game, so she played 5 rounds of hearts. The first round I let her do whatever she wanted so she got 23 points. Then she wanted to try to win so she had me tell her every card to play. At the end of round 4 she was actually in 3rd place (and feeling pretty smug that she wasn't loosing.) After round 5 she was loosing again. 

By that point her sisters were awake again so it was Noel's turn to choose an activity. She thought about doing finger tricks (idea from our list of possible activities) but changed her mind. She picked Twister. We each took a turn spinning. Their attention span was pretty good while right and left totally eluded them. While I was playing and Amy was spinning, Eliza climbed on me. Didn't take long before Twister was over and we had Eliza's choice of activity: climb on Mommy and bounce. The girls all like that game. 

Now Noel and Amy are playing with the twister mat and being heroes or something. (I've heard something about dragons including "The dragon is nursing." Eliza must have been the dragon.)

I love that kindergarten sometimes brings us together instead of riling us up (like some other choices of activities.) Yay for kindergarten!

This is the one finger trick I got a picture of. Amy declared, "Whoever can do a finger trick that no one else can do, wins." Then she proceeded to do something like this. I was pretty close, but when I asked if I got it, she said no. Pretty tough judge I bet. The funny thing is she was changing the trick the whole time.

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