Friday, November 16, 2012

Daddy Kindergarten

I took a day off today because I was pretty wasted and achy last night and wasn't feeling all that energetic this morning. I'm not "sick" with anything, but my body needed a rest.

Bonnie had an appointment to take the van in this morning to get some work done as well as get it registered and such. She was going to do Kindergarten while there because there is a field and a McDonalds play place all close by that could offer room for some fun activities. However, Amy was rather, well, defiant this morning, including at one point kicking Eliza in the stomach. She wasn't going anywhere.

We agreed and Bonnie just took Noel. After she left though, Amy changed her attitude and was behaving wonderfully! She did chores right away, she did her morning routine, etc. It was great! So I told her we could do at home kindergarten still since she was having such a good attitude.

We did opening routine which included a neck exercise, drank some water, and for Daddy class we learned the first verse of "Oh Christmas Tree."

For activities we played horsey and astronaut. Then we went outside to play pretend hiking a mountain on our rock and in the back of my truck. After that we came in and had snack time, then closing routine, which was a drink of water, writing in a notebook about what we did, reading a couple pages in a scripture story book, and finally, me posting on this blog.

While writing in this book, Bont came home. Perfect timing!

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