Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is It Too Early to Start Neighbor Gifts?

I don't think so - I hope not.

The girls wanted to continue making cookies as we started yesterday. We are going to share some with our neighbors for Christmas. Mom class was making little labels "Merry Christmas from the Parks'". Then we rolled, cookie cut, and decorated cookies forever.

A quote from Amy:

"Dear nice Santa. You are the loveliest in the whole world. I love you."

"My first best person is Heavenly Father. Then Jesus. Then Santa... and the people who act like him."

Lesson learned: Sixlets are gross on sugar cookies. M&Ms much better. Sorry to our sixlets guinea pigs. I hope others like them. It might just be because I don't like sixlets.

The girls did pretty well once we got going. They hung in there a long time. (Amy got bored first.) We probably made close to 40 cookies.  I was proud of the way they shared and talked to each other.

Amy decided she didn't want to have closing routine today so I will put pictures of today up tomorrow (I hope.) I at least wanted to write about what we did so we don't forget.

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