Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Napping House

Today we were a bit tired starting school so I chose rest time for Mom Class. Before I knew it, we were all asleep. (I don't think Noel actually ever slept but was in quiet time at this point.) Eliza woke up a short time later, but Amy slept for 3 hours. So I took the "Time for home school. Please come back later" sign off the door and worked on my homework.

I found out Amy was awake when I heard crying from the fouton downstairs. She was worried that we wouldn't have kindergarten today. Since we had no other plans, we started kindergarten at that point. It was like 5. haha.

The girls decided they wanted to play in the front yard (despite Eliza's shorts and Noel's swimming suit). Suddenly, we decided to play at our neighbor, Lincoln's house. Noel chose to play princess, and Lincoln and Amy chose to play pirate, both games requesting that I play too. I played a little with everyone, then comforted Eliza when she was sad.

Our last activity turned out awesome. We got out yoga mats, and took turns leading stretches. But mostly Noel led us and is still going strong, long after Amy's done. She has a talent, my little yoga instructor.

And now it's almost 7:00 pm, and we're almost done with school.

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