Monday, November 26, 2012

Back to School

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. We took the whole week off for Thanksgiving break. We spent 4 days at my sister's and had so much fun.

Today we are back on with kindergarten. Eliza and Noel were with us most of the time today.

Noel asked this morning during my homework time to play with her, so we started the day unofficially with Noel's activity - kids yoga on yoga mats.

We finally had lunch after that in which I ate and did a ton of dished in the time it took the girls to have their meal. (That always takes a long time.)

Then we had recess. Amy chose to play astronaut/ space super hero pretend playing. We also had mom class of helping THE rake leaves while we were out there.

Inside we had a parade with instruments.

Finally opening/ closing routine - drink of water and prayer we never did at the beginning so we threw them in here and read our scripture story.

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