Monday, October 15, 2012

Pick Yourself Back Up and Try Again

Today after a family history mom class that Amy not-so-patiently endured, we were off on a walk to the park for her choice. (She usually has a great attitude about mom class but not today.)

She rode the scooter, and Eliza rode in the stroller. Noel was asleep and stayed home with Aunt Melissa. It was a beautiful day, and we had a good ride. Amy got confused about why it is October and Fall/ Autumn at the same time. I tried to tell her about months and seasons, but she didn't really want to listen. So I dropped it. We smelled some beautiful flowers on the way to the park.

On the way she kept telling me that her thigh was bored. (Haha!) I think she meant that it was getting sore and tired from riding her scooter. Every now and then we would take a break, and she recommended we practice our lazy 8 exercise we've been doing during our opening routine at each break.

I was so proud of Amy at the park, and she was proud of herself too! And she said some funny things like:
A: Brave and scared rhyme.
M: They rhyme?
A: They match. Sometimes you are afraid and not afraid at the same time.
That was when she went down and then back up the little climbing wall. She did great. Then she told me to do it and volunteered to be my spotter.

We rode down a slide together that was dumb. It had curves that were kind of sudden, and both of us rubbed our elbows on the side and got little burns. Afterwards, we were comparing what hurt and Amy said, "That slide was terrible!"

The theme of the park was picking yourself up and trying again. She climbed a few things she hadn't climbed before (which fact she told me proudly). She decided she was too scared to slide down the firemen bar and would wait until she was six. A little later, she decided to try it after seeing how I do it. I spotted her, and she got on the bar and clung to it. She didn't want to slide down. Eventually she made it to me, and I helped her off. The great part was she decided to try it again after that! She did it quite a few times although she was never totally not scared.

She tired the monkey bars quite a few times, always having me catch her. She could hold on a long time though and move through a few bars. She would even do it when I wasn't right there to spot her (and the yell for me to hurry and get her.)

We did some underdogs and some pumping on the swing. Eliza LOVES the swing.

Eliza climbed the playground thing and then slid down with me a few times. She would go on her tummy. I let her go right behind me, but she cried after a while. I realized that part was too hot.
so proud of herself for doing things she never did before.

On the way home, we talked about dandelions and why we don't like them and why other people do. I informed Amy that other people don't. We also talked about more pretty flowers and how we like pretty things. Amy said, "Everything is pretty but not boys." It took me a minute to understand what she had said, and then I laughed.

She remembered that the Calls (our previous next-door neighbors) had their going away party at the bishop's house which she pointed out (though she picked the wrong house.) Her memory impresses me.

Also on the way home, she tried to catch an ant to bring home and keep as a pet in our yard. The problem was she saw the ant walking and got excited, but by the time she got down to the ground to pick it up, I had ridden over it with the stroller. I don't think she realized it was dead. Whoops.

While we are talking about funny things kids say, earlier Noel requested I sing "Prophets Day-Latter" instead of "Latter-day Prophets" haha.

And one more. Yesterday, after the primary talk given by 5-year-old Gavin, the primary president was talking about priesthood. She said, "And did Gavin talk about priesthood in his talk?" Gavin looked up at her and said, "Probably." I loved it.

Anyway, back to kindergarten. At home, Amy had a candy bar for snack time and then Noel chose "Babies" for activity. We watched a video of babies playing (just because the kids wanted to, not because they didn't know what babies do.) Then they napped, had songs, read stories, and ate pretend baby food in pretend high chairs.

It was such a wonderful day of kindergarten!

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