Thursday, October 11, 2012

Noel got to come to Kindergarten (she wants to every day.)

After - was it Elder Scott's? - conference talk about finding our family names, I decided that I wanted to incorporate that into some of our Mom Classes. Today was a freebie Mom Class day (meaning we already did a family history story day, a spanish lesson day, and a project day) so we played the Ancestor Game. My mom made up this game and gave her children copies. Pretty much, the board is a bunch of pieces of cardstock making a big pedigree chart. Then the ancestor's names are printed on pink and blue papers. The game is putting the papers where they go. Mine was incomplete, so we were adding some of the missing names today. Pretty fun. My brother rocks at it.

Then we had snack time - gummy bears. Awesome.

Then was recess. Noel was awake by this point and joined us. We played on the swing set. I think that baseball has moved down a notch in interest since buying a swing set. They worked on hanging on the rings, and Amy learned how to do a back flip.

Noel chose the next activity - play Mickey Mouse. We watched a little youtube movie about Mickey Mouse and acted it out.

We finished with rest time, and did our scripture story part of our closing routine snuggling together on the couch.

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