Friday, October 19, 2012

Tag Team

Today Matt came home early enough for me to go to an appointment. So Matt finished kindergarten for me. This is how it went:

Mom class today was more work on organizing the Joy School project. Today was putting the lessons for the year two curriculum into the correct binders.

Our first activity was wrapping a present for Amy's cousin Lillie whose birthday party is tomorrow. Amy wrote "To: Lillie" and "From: Amy Noel Eliza" - copying them from the white board where I wrote them.

I came home and we had snack time. I gave Amy an old fun-size crunch bar she had from who knows when (for the record, whoever named "fun-size" candy bars doesn't understand the word "fun" - those things should be like, twice the size of king-size! Now that's fun size!) Then we had nachos.

After that we came down stairs and she wanted to play Astronaut. She got on her Astronaut costume (Halloween costume in progress as I understand it) and we watched the original movie on youtube of Niel Armstrong landing on the moon. That was kind of boring for her because the quality wasn't that great. Then we watched one about how Astronaut's train, including the plane they go in that goes up high, then dives to create artificial zero gravity. They call it the "vomit comet." Awesome! Then came the time to act that out, so we pretended we were going up high, then floating as the plane dived down low, over and over. And we talked about why they would float and how there's gravity that makes it so we can't fly. We also talked about how air helps things like planes and birds fly.

Then it was time to go play on the swing set. Then we came back in and had "free play time" in which we started with a "toe war." Amy was on the love seat and I was on the floor and we would play hitting the bottom of our feet (soled shoes) together. Somehow in the midst of that, I became a horse and had a cowboy on my back. We played all sorts of horse game. She would tell me all sorts of things to do. Sometimes I would obey, sometimes not. Then she would say "Dad, pretend that you are a horse that always obeys!" Loved that! "Pretend you are a kid that always obeys!" - I'll have to try that one next time!

I was about to try putting Eliza down (she was with us the whole time and not the happiest of babes), then Mom came home and we are now doing closing routine!

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