Monday, January 21, 2013

Aunt Deborah School

The kids' wonderful Aunt Deborah is in town for a few days and is staying with us. It has been so great having her, and the kids have LOVED playing with her. It helps that she treats them like everything they say and do is adorable and perfect. That in turn helps them make everything they say and do be adorable. A good arrangement.

This morning Deborah let Matt and me go out together. What started as a temple time ended up including a quick trip to the store and stops at a few mechanics. Car trouble. Bummer.

So we stayed away longer than we intended. By the time we got home and ate lunch it was about 2:00. I decided rather than doing school I would just write about what they did at "Aunt Deborah School." That way they can keep playing with her however they want and telling her stuff and showing her everything they can think of.

Apparently they watched little youtubes about washing hands. (The kids both wanted to show us their "new tricks" when we got home. I thought washing hands was a funny new trick since they do it all the time, but they started a new way.)

Amy told Deborah she needed to go on a treasure hunt so they went back and forth hiding and finding a post-it note.

They colored a lot. Deborah brought them coloring books and new crayons and colored pencils for a present, and she hit the nail on the head. Amy's nearly colored every picture and has done a couple word searches in her book already.

Then they watched Strawberry Shortcake and the Tigger Movie.


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