Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rings and Paints

Today the girls were reluctant to have school. I think Amy didn't want to sit still long enough. Plus they didn't want to clean up any of the current messes before starting school and making new messes. Amy freaked out about my idea for mom class - listening to the hobbit which she really enjoys - while folding laundry. We finally got to the bottom of her concerns. She doesn't feel like she's good at folding clothes, and she doesn't like for me to change up mom class so much. She likes especially Spanish lessons and project days. Finally we cleaned up the play room amid much silliness and started school. I suggested that we could work on tying shoes because Amy has a goal to learn how to do that.

After a minor drama involving a lost and then found CTR ring, we did Noel's activity - finger paint.  Aunt Deborah had bought the set for us. It was very fun.

Amy chose snack time. We have leftover birthday cake from Aunt Deborah's and Daddy's little birthday celebrations from the last few days.

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