Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday September 15, 2014

Choosing Day: Mom

Opening Prayer: Amy

Move Your Body: Dance to Music - a kiwi Christmas CD

Stand and Share: The girls passed. I recited a scripture.

Memorize Class: Same.

Pledge of Allegiance - Eliza did it today.

Class: Learn a song and prepare assignments for Joy School for tomorrow. (We won't be having home school tomorrow due to it being Joy School day at our house.)

We skipped activity due to a feeling of urgency and unsureness about the size of job of family work.

Family Work: Clean up toy room from a leaky pipe and lots of water. This is still in progress, but I got a pretty good assessment of the damage and situation. Plus we have a cooler catching the water. The most precious thing lost to this point was some bean bags. I practiced a lot of gratitude as I cleaned it up for so much abundance and for things not damaged. Also, I am glad and grateful we cleaned the toy room before this happened. Many more things would have been damaged, and much more work would have been necessary if that hadn't been done.

Lunch and Break Time

Reading/ Writing/ Drawing Class. I started the girls going before I joined them, wanting to get the dishwasher going again. I am trying to get the house cleaned for Joy School and deal with the water in addition to normal work. I am also working hard on staying calm.

Finally I joined them. Amy and I wrote back and forth in her notebook about the pipe. The girls have been reading the Book of Mormon. I think Amy's example inspired Noel. So cool. I missed scripture study this morning due to sleeping in so that's what I have been working on once I joined the kids. We closed a little early, but I am wanting to keep studying a little more. Then back to work.

Closing Prayer: Mom

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