Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday September 16, 2014

I know I said I wasn't going to blog today, but we ended up having a great joy school day followed by some school. We just couldn't resist. :)

Joy School ended up being just Eliza and Quincy. It was so easy and fun. Our joy school days are shorter this year, so I cut out a few activities and recruited help from Amy and Noel. We still had a full (but not rushed or stressed) and super fun joy school day. And Amy and Noel were awesome at helping. At one point I actually had nothing to do.

After school the Joy School stuff that was left out suddenly turned the kitchen table into craft table. We did lunch and crafts and then morphed into reading/ writing/ drawing class. Now Noel and Eliza are playing adorable pretend play (the living room is a train). Amy is reading a very large pile of library books. Who knows when she'll stop. Love it.

A brief home school success/ testimonial about the power of free reading and writing to learn the fundamentals of reading and writing:

I just read something Amy had written to my parents. When she realized her word wouldn't all fit on one line, she hyphenated it, and finished the word on the next line. When I pointed it out to her and asked her how she knew to do it - I hadn't taught her - she said she has seen it done like that tons of times in books. Awesome.

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