Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday September 4, 2014

Choosing Day: Amy

Prayer: Eliza

Move Your Body: Quick game of tag outside.

Stand and Share got a little ridiculous as Noel wanted to go get something and get it ready. I explained that it wasn't like that. Just stand and share something. I shared a little from my scripture study this morning about how Jesus fulfilled his mission when others tried to get him not to (not understanding his mission.) I said people in their lives may not understand or like or agree with the things they feel they need to do, their missions. But if God wants them to do something, they can do it anyway, no matter what people say. Just like Jesus did. They listened, and we felt the Spirit. I'm glad.

We forgot to say the Pledge of Allegiance today. That wasn't on the blog, but it's part of our opening routine. I'm still getting used to our routine and need a cheat sheet.

Memorize Class: Watch yakko. Transcribe nations.

Class: Read Beatrix Potter Story called Appley Dappley's Nursery Rhymes. Act it out. That was not going over so well. Then we decided to all be the little old lady that lives in a shoe and her kids. Somehow the shoe needed to look like a fort.

Activity: Battledome

Reading: Little Britches

Chore: Clean Benjamin's room. Amy was smart. She picked the cleanest room. We did it in 3 1/2 minutes.

Lunch. It was only 11, but the girls wanted to eat. I usually take a little break during or right around lunch. The girls wanted a picnic. I stayed inside with Benjamin and did a little puzzle on the computer for my break. The girls played outside. We were so ahead of schedule, and I think recess is important (and may be added to our schedule) for them.

Reading and Writing Class: So far Noel's coloring. Amy read a few picture books. Eliza colored with marker in a coloring book then colored all over her face. (Very normal.) Amy wants to play hero, and the fort is still up so it's not quite the pretty picture it was the other day. It feels a little chaotic in here. We press on.

A couple hours later: So it doesn't make sense for me to blog at the beginning of reading and writing class when there is still more ahead. It may become the last part. Noel ended up reading me a bunch of Bob Books. Amy wanted me to read her some of Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon. In an effort to encourage Amy to write, I wrote a question in her notebook for her to answer. I asked, "What do you want a friend to be like?" She answered: thme to shur. Them to share. Good one, Amy. I wrote to Noel, "Will you draw a house?" She obliged. Stairs and tons of windows.

In my pondering about how things are going, I am wondering about this class. It is marvelous; we really did have a good time. It's way too long for Eliza's interest and need for reading and writing time. I don't want to just "dismiss" kids one at a time though because then kids will think of this as the boring have to and as playing as the reward. They may start asking if they read/ wrote enough. (In keeping with food analogy, Did I eat enough for dessert? I hate that question.) So how to keep them all here but give them the freedom they need. Not sure. I'll keep working on that in the days to come.

I pulled off a little study myself. Started a new book, Teach the Children by Neil J. Flinders. I read the praise for the book and the forward. I found three words to look up, 1 thing to note, and a principle to mark. Also, I got very excited. That is the sign of a great book!

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