Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday September 8, 2014

Choosing Day: Eliza

Prayer: Amy

Move Your Body: However you want

Stand and Share: Eliza and Noel shared about Benjamin.

Pledge of Allegiance

Memorize Class: Video wasn't working. We skipped.

Today for class and activity we had library time. That was preceded by a couple quick errands - Barnes N Noble and Target. I got my new glasses at Target, and I am so grateful for them.

At the library, I let each kid pick their age times two number of books. In interviews yesterday and at Barnes n Noble today they told me what books/ authors/ subjects they wanted to get this time. It took us a good while (plus saying hi to friends, paying fines, changing diaper, potty break, and nursing), but we got our 34 books (I got some too) and headed out. Impulsively we stopped at the playground for a short recess. The kids were all for it and then got back in the car well.

I almost couldn't get their attention for lunch, but we finally ate. They were antsy for reading and writing class - time to enjoy their library finds. We had a lovely nearly hour and a half of quiet reading. Eliza and Noel have been off for a while doing their own thing. Amy's still reading away.

I wrote to my parents, read introductory material on the Promises of the Constitution which I would like to study, and am now blogging. Plus helping the kids - read to Noel, read a book to Eliza that she may or may not use in her FHE lesson, traced Eliza's foot. It would have been way more if the kids had gotten their way. They all wanted me to read to them and help them draw.

Closing Prayer: Mom

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