Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday September 25, 2014

Choosing Day: Noel

Opening Prayer: Eliza

Move Your Body: Swing and Slide

Water Class.

Stand and Share: I shared a little bit about what I have been learning about in the Home Education Council of America Not Back to School Summit.

Memorize Class: We watched a little video that taught us Psalm 107:1 to the tune of B-I-N-G-O.

The Pledge of Allegiance.

Rainbow Class: We read a picture book that taught a bunch of cool things. It suggested a couple pneumonic devices to teach the order of the colors. The girls drew rainbows. We tried to make rainbows on a CD, with a bowl by the window, and outside with the sprinkler. Then we came in the house and "asked the computer" why it didn't work. We found out the sun was too high in the sky so the angle wasn't right to create a rainbow. Maybe we'll try at sunset tonight. Cool stuff.

Major fight/ discussion. After 3 people (including me) behaved poorly we discussed what we did that wasn't helping our family and what we can do to help our family. We talked about a House Divided which I read about in scripture study and then looked up Abraham Lincoln's speech this morning. We talked about what would happen if we cut our house and how it would fall. Then we all talked about the things we chose that cut up our family. Then we moved to what would help us glue it back together - repentance and forgiveness, apologies and hugs. The girls have been talking about glue ever since while doing things that glue us.

Activity: Recess.

Family Reading (outside): Homer Price and The Giving Tree. I'm changing it up a little and letting the choosing day girl choose a little because Noel was really not liking Little Britches. It's still one of the options, just not the only option.

Lunch: Picnic. Amy was the cute waitress.
(We skipped family work because we were hungry. Then after lunch Benjamin wanted to nurse and the girls started reading. So we still haven't gotten to family work. I'm hoping I can rally the troupes to do it next.

Reading/ Writing/ Drawing Class: Amy finished The Magic Finger. I read from Resolved. We discussed a false principle that I found in there. Amy and I didn't agree with it. She and I wrote in her notebook about Magic Tree House. She read 5 MTH books yesterday. I would say she was sucked in. Noel and Eliza drew pictures a bit and stapled and cut out and hole punched papers. Now there are all those little paper punch things on the floor. (Cleaning the school room is also still to come.) Neither girl wanted an interview, but I got a few answers from Eliza about Joy School.

Closing Prayer: Mom

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